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Our mission is to pass a bill which grants compensation to Iranian Americans whose assets were wrongly and unjustly confiscated by the Iranian government. Iranian American Policy Forum is non-profit 501c4 company.


  1. The Government of Iran came to power in 1979 and is ruled to this day by an autocratic government.
  1. Victims of the Government of Iran included individuals persecuted or targeted for persecution based on their political beliefs and associations, as well as their religious, ethnic, and cultural identities.
  1. An instrumentality of state persecution included the wrongful and unjust seizure and confiscation of private property including real property, personal property, and financial assets.
  1. A great number of owners of such property fled for safety to the United States or Europe and are now citizens of those countries.
  1. The Government of Iran has transferred ownership of such confiscated property to government-affiliated foundations and related institutions.


  1. The Government of Iran has shown no sign that it intends to return or compensate the rightful owners of said government’s wrongful property seizures.


We need to draft a bill to create a private right of action to enable United States citizens of Iranian descent to secure fair, comprehensive, and nondiscriminatory restitution of or compensation for all of their private property that was wrongfully and unjustly seized and confiscated by the Government of Iran.

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The Iranian Justice and Restitution Act (IJRA) of 2018


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